Girls, Girls, Girls...'s story
They are girls and just by the look are sassy and fun!!
Thelma and Kayla cuddles often and have a sister called Louise. They are all 7 months old and are in very good health. They are of course all vetted.
Getting a pair is a wonderful!
I know it cost more but think of the positive: when you leave and stay out for hours you dont feel bad since they have each other. They play together and dont bug you like my daughter say!! You get more cuddling like a big blanket over you especially when it is cold outside. They put you to sleep at night with their purring. If you are sad they will listen and give you advice, if you are pissed they will come you down and make you realize it is not worth driving you nuts. Be Zen!!! Cheaper than getting therapy. You experience 2 different personalities which is so fascinating. If you eat something you feel more wanted because they are two of them begging and staring at you at the same time and most: You get double the LOVE!!! to It is like kids when you have one getting an other one is just as fun!! It could be cats or dogs, the most important is knowing they are here for you as much as you should be here for them.
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